Amelia Cowgirl Position with ZapBox

What you’ll need:
ZapBox dev kit from here:
A working iOS/Android tablet or phone, preferably released in the last couple years
A tallish box and some sticky tape
A belt or rope to restrain the box onto your waistline
This Zapcode:

How to use:
1. Get the box and tape 2 “pointcodes” to both top edges to the box. Make sure the pointcodes reach at least the middle of the box. Like this:

2. With a belt or some rope, after punching a hole in the bottom of the box slot the rope/belt through the box and tie the box and rope around your waistline.

3. download the ZapBox app on Play/App Store and setup your ZapBox.
4. Using the “Build Map” option use the camera to find the Pointcodes until they glow
5. Go to “Scan Code” and scan the above Zapcode
6. Lie down and face the camera to the pointcodes and the box.
7. Enjoy the show. 😉

Video coming when I can find a place to upload it.

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